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Top Wedding Photography Tip #2

For the bride.......The big day is here and you'll want the preparations to go smoothly and beautiful photographs to be taken.... so here's some ideas.

♥ Keep all the bags of wedding items in one corner of the room... it's amazing how many there are!

♥ Throw away rubbish as you go along

♥ Remove any tags on clothing and labels on shoes (sticky shoe labels can be a nightmare to remove!) prior to the big day.... and ensure you have scissors to hand just in case!

♥ There's nothing worse than a bridesmaid announcing her dress doesn't fit, so ensure the bridesmaids have recently tried on their dresses, particularly if they have been altered.

♥ Have an emergency kit containing a needle and cotton, scissors, plasters, safety pins, rescue remedy for last minute panics, ibuprofen gel for painful feet, .....and a lipstick to go in the groom's pocket!

♥ Nominate someone that's getting ready with you to be the contact for fielding phone calls.

♥ Treat yourself to a lovely bottle of champagne..... not only will it make you feel special, but it makes great photos!... and have glass champagne flutes at the ready.

♥ Have your perfume, jewellery, shoes, garter, flowers and gift from the groom ☺ ready  to be photographed.... detail, detail, detail!

♥ And finally....reserve a tidy corner of the room, near a window or natural light and with a full length mirror, for photographs as you're fastened into your beautiful dress. It's lovely to see the back of the dress and the smile on your face!

How exciting!
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