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Wedding Photography Hints and Tips

I've received many requests to re-post my wedding hints and tips, so here they are... along with a few new ones!


The big day is here and you'll want the preparations to go smoothly and beautiful wedding photographs to be taken.... so here's a few ideas.

❤ Keep all the bags of wedding items in one corner of the room... it's amazing how many there are!

❤ Discard rubbish as you go along.

❤ If your dress is fastened with loops and buttons, have a crochet hook ready to do the job for's so much quicker and saves ruining the bridesmaids manicured nails.

❤ Remove any tags on clothing and labels on shoes (sticky shoe labels can be a nightmare to remove!) prior to the big day.... and ensure you have scissors to hand just in case!

❤ There's nothing worse than a bridesmaid announcing her dress doesn't fit, so ensure the bridesmaids have recently tried on their dresses, particularly if they have been altered.

❤ Have an emergency kit containing a needle and cotton, scissors, plasters, safety pins, rescue remedy for last minute panics, ibuprofen gel for painful feet .....and a lipstick to go in the groom's pocket.

❤ Nominate someone that's getting ready with you to be the contact for fielding phone calls.

❤ Treat yourself to a lovely bottle of champagne..... not only will it make you feel special, but it makes great photos! Glass champagne flutes at the ready.
❤ Have your perfume, jewellery, shoes, garter, flowers and gift from the groom ready to be photographed.... detail, detail, detail!

❤ Reserve a tidy corner of the room, near a window or natural light and with a full length mirror for photographs as you're fastened into your beautiful dress. It's lovely to see the back of the dress and the smile on your face!

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❤ Tell me about any fun things you have planned for your wedding, the detail makes great photos.... 'Father of the Bride' cufflinks, "I do" on the sole of your shoes, or whether you are having a magician, a soloist, games, a casino.... anything special or fun that should be captured to add to your memories.

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❤ If the grass is wet but you'd still like to be able to have photos in the grounds of your beautiful venue, have a spare pair of old shoes available, or a pair of wellies or painters shoes covers. You can even buy plastic heel protectors to save your shoes from sinking into the grass!

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Wedding days are lovely and relaxed but to help the happy couple get the best of their photos, there are some things you can do to help....

❤ After the ceremony please keep an eye out for when the group photos are going to begin. If we can get through them as quickly as possible the bride & groom can have more time with their guests. So often people think it's the photographer taking a long time, but having done it hundreds of times, a professional photographer can get through these photos very quickly. So, if you need to check in to the hotel, go to the bar, go to the loo, watch the football (!) or disappear for any reason, please check that you're not going to be required imminently for family photos.


❤ Guests are welcome to request a photo of your own family group, partner or group of friends at any convenient time during the day. These photos are all part of the fun and memories, so please feel free to ask.

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Have a fantastic day!



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