Sharon Ronan Photography | Questions and Answers




Q: How do we know you are a professional photographer and not just someone who's decided to set up a wedding photography business?

A: I received my photography qualifications at college having specialised in social photography, architecture and landscape. The perfect recipe for a wedding photographer! I then went on to become a professionally qualified photographer with the British Institute of Professional Photography. This is the only official qualifying and governing body of professional photography covering all genres of photography in the UK... from social to architecture to scientific to fashion... and so on, and so on.  You cannot pay to become a member, you can only achieve the qualification through hard work and assessment. Beware of meaningless titles and 'clubs' that anyone can join.... always check a photographers credentials and whether their membership is genuine. You can find out more about me, the BIPP and the qualification I hold here;



Q: What areas do you cover?

A: I am based in Burghfield in Berkshire and I usually find that photographing weddings and commissions in Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire is enough to fill the diary. That said, I do occasionally travel much further afield, particularly if I have been asked as a recommendation. If you'd like to know whether I'd cover your venue, just ask!



Q: Can I view samples of photographs you have taken at my wedding venue?

A: There are sample photographs of wedding photography Berkshire venues (and way beyond!) within the wedding section. If you would like to view whole weddings just send me a message through the contact page and I'll send you some passwords to view whole weddings in the client area.... with the clients prior permission of course!



Q: What is your photography style?

A: As well as taking hundreds of photos to document the day in the relaxed style you may have heard called photojournalism, documentary photography or reportage photography, I also take as many group photos as requested. But having chosen a BIPP professionally qualified photographer, your wedding photos will have a striking difference... every one will be a stylish classy, romantic work of art. Photos to treasure and truly last a lifetime. 



Q: How many photographs do you take on a wedding day?

A: I snap away constantly, if it moves I capture it, and if it doesn't... I capture it too! And I don't limit the number of photos you'll receive, but I do make sure you only get the good ones.... without the grimaces and closed eyes. You will receive all the photos in colour, as well as a selection in a variety of effects such as black and white, dark sepia and vintage.



Q: Will any post production work be done to the photos?

A: Wherever necessary the photos will all be made to look their best, including cropping and colour correction and (where possible) removal of anything that would spoil the photo, such as fire extinguishers, facial blemishes, bra straps etc.



Q: What deposit do you require to secure our booking?

A: 20% of your chosen package is payable as a non refundable deposit to secure the date. This will guarantee that I am yours for the day. The package balance is due one month before your wedding date. Payment for any extras such as parents albums and prints isn't due until your order is placed.



Q: When will my photos go online?

A: To make your photos look the best they possibly can takes around two weeks, but I try to line this up with your return from honeymoon so that your guests don't see your photos before you! In the middle of the mad Summer season this can take a little longer, but on your wedding day your guests will be supplied with a card to let them know the date they can expect to access the album and the password to use. Hopefully this will save you being bombarded with this question!



Q: Can friends and family purchase photos online?

A: Yes, it's all very straightforward. They can even drop their chosen image into all the different framing options to design the perfect combination.



Q: How are the photos for the album chosen?

A: You make the photo selection through the online album and the list is forwarded to me. You can let me know which are your favourite photos and any additional photos that you would like to have alternative effects applied.  I then design the album chronologically using your preferences. If I think the layout of the page may work better using alternative effects, I will design the page twice and let you make the decision as to which you prefer. I may even add a few photos if I think it will help the balance of the page. When the design is complete I'll send you an album design proof disc and at this stage you can let me know if you'd like any alterations. The album will only go into production when you are completely happy with the design.



Q: When will we receive the disc?

A: As all the additional photos transformed with alternative effects for use in the album will be added to the disc, it will be supplied when the album is complete.



Q: Will the photos on the disc be printable without a watermark, and high resolution?

A: The digital images will be high resolution, ready to print to poster size, and without a watermark. You will also receive a letter to prove you have the right to print the photos. I will also add a set of low resolution images (to use on the web) at your request.



Q: What equipment do you use?

A: Very expensive, Canon professional toys which I love! I am very proud to use a variety of fab lenses which make all the difference between a snapshot and a professional photograph. I believe that the effects achieved by good lenses just cannot truly be replicated by any software. My camera records to two memory cards at once, so there is no chance of losing photos due to one faulty card. Peace of mind at it's best!



Q: Do we have to meet before the wedding?

It's always a good idea to meet before your wedding, but if the opportunity for this is limited by distance, we can always chat on the phone or email and I can send you passwords to online albums (with the couples approval).



Q: What is the purpose of a pre wedding photo shoot?

A: The pre wedding photo shoot is a great opportunity to get to know each other better. We can chat, walk around the venue, and try out some sample shots. Couples always tell me it makes it so much easier than they thought it would be!



Q: Do you undertake any other types of photography?

A: Weddings are such an intimate time and I'm honoured to share this special day. But weddings also allow me to indulge in another of my photography passions, portraiture. There's the pre-wedding portrait shoot and the opportunity to capture a nice little wedding day gift in the form of a stylish bridal boudoir photograph for the groom.  But when when the confetti has settled and thoughts turn to the future, I love being invited to sensitively capture an expanding maternity bump and then the patter of tiny feet as two become a family. So yes, I undertake all sorts of portrait photography including family, PR, events, proms and award presentations. And with architecture and landscape photography under my belt, I also undertake commercial commissions (internal and external) with an endless list of new builds, restaurants, renovations, marketing.... you name it, I'll photograph it!